Feel like I do? Take a stand
Friday, October 22, 2010 - 12:10 pm

To the Editor:

I would like to voice my opinion about the St. Lawrence County Clerk getting attention for saying she is saving the taxpayers money.

First of all, she initiated a petition. Secondly, she should be getting all the credit. The taxpayers and homeowners that signed the petition made that savings.

The politicians get our attention to vote for them all to benefit themselves.

My question is, because they say New York State is having financial difficulty, how much money is New York State losing by not requiring these people who wear black hats and drive black buggies at night to not live by the same rules as we do? They are not required to have their buggies registered, inspected, insured or install seat belts or car seats for their children. This is endangering the welfare of their children after dark. These people are an organization of businesses. It’s not about religion, so get real.

I like to say that it’s the politicians that are the blame for the United States being in financial trouble. It’s not just New York State. The politicians are not saving us jobs or money. They are too busy making deals overseas to support their own interest.

We don’t need to be worrying about taking businesses to foreign countries. We need to do something about the foreign goods coming into our country. First of all, we need to stop buying their junk because we can make better products right here in America. It’s not just our politicians, it’s all of them.

So as citizens, we need to take a stand. There is a lot of work and potential right here in America. We can’t stand there and let them take us over. These politicians get us to vote for them, and after election, the tax burden is back on the public.

We are taxed to death. We can’t even live on our own paychecks. WE can’t give any more.

This problem didn’t just happen two years ago; it’s been going on for 30 years because the politicians have been selling us out for themselves. We need to teach ourselves and our children to work and get by. Stop buying all of the foreign goods and keep our businesses at home. We need to put a hurting on the foreign spending and make them take the stuff back.

We can’t stop blaming people that get a check each month for any reason such as Social Security or retirement. This benefit they earned and worked many years to get, so lay off. Do you feel like I do? If you do, respond to these newspapers until people get the point.

Frank Allen, Norwood