Fed up with toilets in Potsdam
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 12:19 pm

To the Editor:

I have noticed by seeing letters in the Sound Off Column that others are as fed up with those toilets as I am. I was driving through Potsdam the other day and those toilets have multiplied to two other sites in town on a major highway for all to see as they come and go. It must be nice to become the town of toilets rather than the town of higher education. It must be embarrassing to live in Potsdam. I live in a nearby town but go to Potsdam frequently for shopping and other reasons, and am getting mighty tired of seeing those toilets. I also noticed that bathtubs have been added to the collection on Market Street.

There must be something the town officials can do to stop this individual. Isn’t there some kind of ordinance or law on the books to prevent this kind of display. What about looking back into the archives, there has to be something somewhere. This individual is ruining the reputation of the town of Potsdam.  Tourists, parents and students will be leaving and remembering this town as the town with all the toilets.  What a thing to be remembered by…the town of toilets.

That plot of land is too small to build any kind of building or business, so why doesn’t he do something productive with it. He could make a park or garden with trees and flowers and a walkway going through it, something pleasant to look at. Those who walk to town could sit on a bench and rest in his beautiful garden or park. He could help to beautify the town rather than tear it down. I do not know this individual, but do get the impression that he doesn’t care too much about anything except himself. Whether the toilets have flowers in them or not, they just look trashy and bring down what people think about him and the town he lives in.  Potsdam officials, you need to do something before your town is known as…the toilet town.

De Etta Saunders, Norfolk