Family court failed family, Norwood woman says
Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 12:41 pm

To the Editor:

Next weekend will be Mother’s Day, a day where we celebrate with our family and children. A special day to remember the mother who gave birth to us and gave us unconditional love.

A special bond is held between a mother and a child that no one can ever take away. They feel their pain and cry with them when they are suffering.

Children are a gift that God gives to us to love and protect. But as another Mother’s Day comes, there is one mother who will be without her children for the third year now.

The only way she will see her children is through pictures on the wall that were taken three years ago.

This is because of the Family Court System that has failed both her and her children.

Families are supposed to be kept together, not torn apart. These innocent children are without their mother due to the failure of how this system is working when they fail to follow their own laws. They allow a double standard to be used, favoring one parent over the other, even when they don’t know the whole truth.

This case has been going on for eight years now and all because the father decided to walk out an abandon his family.

There children were all born with a disability. They have not even seen their older sister for the last three years, either.

This court doesn’t care how this is affecting these children emotionally.

So when you’re with your children on this day, count your blessings that this isn’t happening to you.

Agnes Smith, Norwood