Energy Efficiency Extravaganza a success thanks to community support
Friday, January 11, 2013 - 2:55 pm

To the Editor:

The Small Scale Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Extravaganza on December 1st was a really nice event, and had an excellent showing for it’s first time out as a new project in the North Country.  As ever, the volunteers for the Local Living Venture (formerly the Sustainable Living Project) were key to the success of the day. 

Organizers would like to say a huge, hearty “Thank You!” to everyone who played a part in making it so.  The wonderful input by all manner of volunteers makes an enormous difference in pulling off such a big event, and makes all of our organizational efforts shine.

The volunteer-based Energy Working Group of the Local Living Venture was key to pulling many facets of the event together, so a special thanks goes out to Miles Manchester, Al & Martha Lumley and Jackson Francisco.  They were also key players in pulling together the major Rocket Stove Mass Heater hands-on workshop in September. 

A tour of the heater we built at that workshop, with 25 participants over three days, will be featured as a follow up to the Fire Science & Wood Heat Innovations portion of this recent mini-Energy Fair. 

The public is invited to attended the tour (date TBA.) Write us at [email protected] or call 347-4223. to sign up.

Other helpful volunteers that we depended on to make the Energy Fair happen included Jackie Bartholomew, Alex French, Barbara Gammon, Louise Gava, Rosalind Ilett, Andrew Jones, Dawn Kaufman, Jim Knapp Sarva Merriwick, Rajiv Narula and Sal Sarmiento.  

The workshop presenters included: “Crazy” Jerry Bartlett; Richard Gast of Franklin County Cornell Cooperative Extension; Bill LaPoint and Steve Sherwood of the NY State Forest Owner’s Assn.; Jerry Loch of NYSERDA (Energy Efficiency); Marc-Andre Lemieux and Cory Marcon of Solart; Mark Mayhew of NYSERDA’s Small Wind program; Jim Juczak of the Woodhenge Sustainability Community; and, Scott Shipley with Northern Lights Energy.

In addition, exhibit booths were staffed by Paul Todd, Branson Ewig and the student crew from SUNY Canton’s ARES and CREST Programs as well as Shawn WIlliams of TJ Toyota, Owen Pugh, Conor Kays, Mike Rudy, and Joe Martusewicz from Alternative Power Solutions of New York, Bill Coakley of Viridian Energy, Jerry and Carol Loch for ANCA and James Shaw, who shared the statistics of his families first year of solar grid-tied power in Huevelton.

We were all fed well by a generous contribution in support of the event from the Canton Price Chopper.

Last, but not least, many, many thanks to Brent Buchanan, who staffed a pellet stove demonstration booth, and to Patrick Ames, Charlie Hitchman and all of the dedicated staff at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Learning Farm who provided such a wonderful venue for this event -- we couldn’t have done it without you.

Chelle Lindahl, Krystal White, Jenna Brown & Melinda Ely