Duvé does not stand for victims, Ogdensburg woman says
Monday, November 4, 2013 - 10:34 am

To the Editor:

I am submitting this letter after seeing that Nicole Duvé has made the remark she is there for crime victims.

In Nov. 2007, a shooting incident occurred in Lisbon that resulted in damage being done to my SUV. A young girl has shotgun pellets lodged in her back as a result of this incident.

In Jan. 2008, I met with Nicole Duvé to try to get answers to questions. Most of the questions were met with, “I don’t know” or “We never looked into that.” I was assured by Ms. Duvé that she would get answers for me.

The next time I saw her or even heard from her was the day in Aug. 2008 when the individual was sentenced. With the words on the wall “In God We Trust” staring her in the face, she stood in that courtroom and lied! She stated how much contact she had with me and how she worked closely with me. I just about fell off my seat hearing those remarks!

Then, to enter into a plea bargain charging the offender with a class E non-violent felony? The state time she indicated in Jan. 2008 that the offender would receive was reduced to 120 days in county jail to be served on weekends. Two days done in county jail counts for the entire seven-day week! The offender only did 34 days in jail out of the 120-day sentence!

I have seen so much criticism about the fact that crime victims are coming forward at press conferences to tell their stories. Who better than them can tell the truth of about how little, if anything, Nicole Duvé has done or is doing for them? We have the real stories, not the fabricated mistruths Ms. Duvé puts forward. Crime victims have rights also.

But, sadly, the only right Ms. Duvé feels a crime victim is entitled to, is the right to be victimized! It’s time to tear down the big top and put an end to the circus Ms. Duve has become ringmaster of in our judicial system in Canton.

I applaud Mary Rain and crime victims in this county for stepping forward and telling the real stories about what they have encountered with Ms. Duvé. I thank Mary Rain for having the guts to stand up and make known what exactly is going on in Canton. This year I will vote for Mary Rain! Mary Rain is the change we need!

Ann Loffler