Duvé cares about victims, works hard for St. Lawrence County
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 7:01 am

To the Editor:

I’m a retired investigator with the state police, who spent 20 years investigating crimes, dealing with victims, perpetrators, the district attorney’s office and the rest of the criminal justice system in St. Lawrence County.

I have no agenda and am most definitely not a politician. I am a registered Republican and anybody that knows me can attest to my conservative beliefs. I did not vote for Nicole Duvé when she initially ran for office and was very skeptical of her at first.

As time passed, I grew to respect her, and I’m not easily impressed, especially by democrat lawyers. I investigated many important and newsworthy cases during my tenure at SP Gouverneur and Nicole worked hand in hand with me to prosecute a number of these cases. She went the extra mile and then some to obtain convictions. Anytime I called her to address a concern she picked up the phone or promptly got back to me. She is an excellent prosecutor inside the courtroom and a stand up person outside the courtroom.

No one empathizes with crime victims more than me, and anytime a victim does not get justice it is a tragedy. I can assure you that Nicole feels the same way. There are a lot of criminals cooling their heels in the prison system, that she put there, that can also vouch for that.

Brian J. Langtry

Investigator, Bureau of Criminal Investigation, (Ret.)

Formerly Gouverneur