Double check receipts when using coupons or buying sales items
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 12:07 pm

To the Editor:

Just a warning to thrifty shoppers out there; be watchful when you think you’ve got a great deal. Those electronic scanners frequently make mistakes, especially for prices on sale items. You think you’re getting an item for a sale price or you’re getting the 2nd item free, but when you check your receipt, guess what? You didn’t!

The checkers start scanning your items while you’re still putting them up on the belt and they go very fast too. Now, what I do, is to tell them not to start scanning until all the items are on the belt and I’m ready to watch the register, so I can watch the prices charged. Inevitably, there’ll be at least one item overcharged. Of course, then you’re embarrassed because someone has to be sent to check the item in the aisle to verify what you’re claiming, while the folks behind you in line give you the evil eyeball.

Nowadays, getting these advertised prices is needed and even may be why you’re shopping at the particular store. Price Chopper and Walmart are notorious for these mistakes. The real sad thing is after you point out the pricing error, the price is not corrected, so the next shoppers will get overcharged. There should be some way that the main office can be made aware of the mistake and the either the error fixed in the store or on the computer.

So shoppers beware of misleading advertised sale items and what you’re paying for them – you’re being ripped off.

Chris LaRose, Potsdam