Does Seaway Valley Ambulance care more about money than health?
Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - 2:05 pm

To the Editor:

I am a concerned citizen and have a few questions that I feel the public should be asking.

Does Seaway Valley Ambulance actually care about public safety or just the dollar? A few things I have observed suggest the latter.

Such as Thursday, June 3, two car motor vehicle accident on Main St. in Massena. Seaway was called out, took a patient to the hospital and then went back for another patient at the same accident. They did not call for mutual aid and did not inform dispatch that there was another patient until they were sure they would not lose the call.

A few weeks ago there was a dog bite call for a small child in the North Lawrence area. Massena Rescue was called for mutual aid advanced life support and Seaway was also called for the same thing. Massena was near the mall when they picked up ALS and Seaway was still on East Orvis. Seaway was told to stand down.

Several times as Massena was well on their way Seaway ignored this and continued to the call then after they turned on 37C they chose to respond to the call to stand down. There were some very unprofessional comments made over the radio by a particular ALS provider for Seaway who is well noted for his radio transmissions.

Also I personally have observed Seaway transporting a patient to hospital, receiving another call, and calling in service out of service when they have not even finished the call they are on. This leaves dispatch believing they have an ambulance enroute so they don’t call out anyone when in fact Seaway is still on the first call.

Emergency management directors for St. Lawrence County should start listening to what is going on with this situation. This in my opinion is becoming a public safety issue and it’s time to forget politics and wake up for the good of the citizens.

Steven Wilson, Sr.

Brasher Fall