Democrats not left off Norwood field days thank-you list intentionally
Monday, July 26, 2010 - 11:42 am

To the Editor:

To the unknown author of “Dems In Parade, Too” (July 21-27), you are correct in noticing that I did not thank Bill Owens for being in the July 4th parade. The simple reason for this is I was never notified that he was attending this parade. I mailed out over 75 invitations with return 3 x 5 response cards in April 2010.

Local Democrats called me near the end of June and asked to be a part of the parade. Because they did not know until the actual parade time who would be marching it was impossible to recognize them individually as they passed the reviewing stand. This is what was announced: “Here comes Tom and Sallie Brothers with their 1923 Model T and 1948 Ford pick up accompanied by their Democratic colleagues and friends.”

I wrote the “thank you” letter to the editor (“Norwood’s 4th ‘A Huge Success’ Thanks To Many,” July 14-20) based on the 3 x 5 cards that I used to set up this parade. Because I did not have a 3 x 5 card specifically from the Democrats, I overlooked thanking them. This was my mistake. I also forgot to thank Kevin Felt (a Republican candidate) as he too did not apply for a parade spot. His request was done over the phone.

Knowing that I probably did not get everything correct with this letter, I finished my Thank You Letter with the following: “The Norwood VFD says “THANK YOU” to all who participated in any way to make this year’s parade an outstanding success.”

I interpret this unknown author’s point that I purposely did not recognize Congressman Owens. This is far from the truth. Had he and the rest of his Democrat friends applied for a spot in writing like all of the other 70 units that participated in the July 4th parade, he would have been recognized.

To keep everything “politically correct” for next year’s celebration, I feel that no politician should be allowed in the July 4th parade. We get to hear, read and listen to them every day of the year. Maybe we should just take the day off from politics and just celebrate our Independence.

To this unknown author, please give me a call at 353-8873. I would like to explain to you why I volunteer for three months before July 4th to organize this parade. Maybe after we visit you might want to volunteer more than your thoughts towards next year’s parade.

Bob Haggett