County legislator from Madrid says Norfolk's representative sells slanted stories to public
Friday, August 15, 2014 - 9:48 am

To the Editor:

I find it interesting that Legislator Jason Clark has taken on the role of interpreting what is happening at legislative meetings. Perhaps he has finally found a career —that of reporter.

The problem is that reporters report facts, not the slanted version he or his ghost writer has provided.

Mr. Clark states the call for a recess at last Monday’s meeting was to discuss new information about the recycling options provided by Mr. Lightfoot, when in fact, the information provided was simply that the local waste collection firm was willing to extend their contract for four months to give us time to thoroughly research our options for the best recycling program for the taxpayers.

This information did not require the democrats to recess the public meeting and caucus to understand what this meant.

For most of us, it is pretty clear what an extension of a contract means. Instead of discussing this in public as required by law, they chose to have a backroom caucus in the middle of a public meeting and make a decision, then come back into the meeting and vote to table the resolution.

Mr. Clark also states the republicans met in the corner of the board room while the democrats were caucusing. This is just untrue! We stayed in the board room where the public business is conducted along with all the department heads, media and visitors to the chambers. And the four letter words that Mr. Lightfoot uttered were “bull” and “s—t”, not what the use of four letter words usually conjures up. Furthermore, there was absolutely no confrontation or tirade with Mr. Bunstone. Lightfoot merely asked, in a normal tone of voice, “what was the problem with approving an extension of a contract” to which Mr. Bunstone replied, “I would have voted for it”. End of conversation.

I agree with Mr. Clark that “secrecy in government is a bad thing.” That is exactly why Joe Lightfoot and the rest of our Republican caucus is so opposed to the backroom politics that have become the norm for the democrats.

This is why Mr. Lightfoot became so angry when one more time the democrats blatantly went into the back room to make a decision and then stopped all discussion when they returned with their “point of order” demands to shut down any discussion.

I find it ludicrous that Mr. Clark is lecturing the rest of us on decorum. Is this a reminder to himself of how he should behave? I understand he is new and inexperienced but he might try to set an example instead of preaching. His behavior in his previous positions certainly speaks louder than his empty words and his conscious misrepresentation of what transpired at the meeting speak volumes about his disdain for truth and accuracy.

The people will make their choice in November and I am confident they will choose ethical actions, protection of the peoples’ right to have their business conducted in public, and honesty over empty words.

Kevin Acres,

St. Lawrence Co. Legislator, District 8