County has benefited from Turbett’s efforts
Friday, October 29, 2010 - 12:25 pm

To the Editor:

Voters should support St. Lawrence County, District 10 Legislator J. Patrick Turbett’s leadership and commitment to serving St. Lawrence County when they go to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 2.

As my peer on the Board of Legislators, Mr. Turbett and I allied for the advancement of information technology for the benefit of our County and region. Mr. Turbett helped found the County’s first Information Technology Committee that is responsible for bringing priority and prominence to this important issue. Mr. Turbett worked in support of the County’s Information Technology Strategic Plan charting a course for development in this Information Age. The Strategic Plan has laid the groundwork for development of many IT projects, including millions of stimulus dollars awarded in St. Lawrence County earlier this year to fund IT infrastructure. These efforts must continue as the key to our economic future.

Additionally, Pat Turbett’s analytic skills paired with his drive for detail delivers a fantastic value to the voters of St. Lawrence County. The County relies on Mr. Turbett’s talents for data analysis and review for making informed, and at times, tough decisions. Without Mr. Turbett’s guidance and perspective, important details will not be given the consideration they deserve.

Mr. Turbett’s work to raise the bar on ethics in St. Lawrence County; his persistence to control County costs though difficult labor negotiations, his rigorous review of County purchasing policy, his support to reduce staff mileage expenses with the creation of a County car fleet program; his work as chair of the GM Task Force, and as representative to the Development Authority of the North Country are cited reasons voters should support Pat Turbett for re-election.

St. Lawrence County has benefited immensely from Mr. Turbett’s dedication and hard work, but the real work has just begun. These very tough economic times are challenging the way governments operate. Never before is it more important to break the mold in search of leaner, more efficient ways. Mr. Turbett has the vision and understanding to define that for St. Lawrence County. It is for these reasons, that I support Mr. J. Patrick Turbett for District 10 Legislator and ask you, on his behalf, to vote Turbett on Nov. 2.

Laura J. Perry

District 7 Legislator