Corporation campaign reform needed says Colton man
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 7:27 am

To the Editor:

I visited the Potsdam college campus Sept. 9 to give a free speech performance. The subject of the performance was bringing great change in America via a combination of political activism and non-violent revolution.

It was very encouraging to have a group of students gather to listen. Soon performance transitioned into dialogue. We began discussing the basic steps of bringing an end to all corporate involvement in government.

I stated that a fundamental step toward this goal was the establishment of publicly financed election campaigns. This idea received considerable approval. It is logical and reasonable to believe that leveling the campaign playing field to eliminate corporate spending would result in the election of candidates who would work for the separation of government and corporations.

I believe that the American people want government that is free from corporate influence. I believe that Americans want publicly financed election campaigns. The question is how to establish such campaign financing. I suspect that there is no easy way to make publicly financed campaigns the rule in American politics.

The people who benefit from corporate contributions to campaigns are in power. They will not embrace campaign finance reform. I believe that revolution is the only means whereby publicly financed election campaigns will become a reality.

The students at Potsdam college liked what I said about large gatherings in the streets to advocate for new government. They were very positive toward my position that any revolution must be based in a strong commitment to non-violent civil disobedience.

We made good progress toward creating change that afternoon. I have already arranged for another free speech performance at Potsdam college Sept. 17. Hopefully, we will finalize a plan for a day of non-violent civil disobedience in the North Country.

As such events take place across our country, the non-violent revolution that will bring the days of government free from corporate control will grow strong.

Donald Hassig, Cancer Action NY