Construction project destroys trees in Canton
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 12:16 pm

To the Editor:

For several days this past week I studiously avoided driving down Main St. in Canton knowing that there would be delays. In any case the warning signs should have read not “Construction” but “Destruction” ahead.

We all knew the tree-cutting was coming; nevertheless I can only describe the result as the maiming of our once beautiful little village. And of course, it will get worse when they start chopping off portions, and in at least one case all of people’s front yards.

We had the chance to prevent this devastation twenty-some years ago by lobbying more effectively for the proposed Route 11 bypass around Canton, but I for one was too busy caring for a toddler at the time. This should teach us all the price we pay for the shortsightedness of not looking beyond the welfare of our immediate families. I have also been told that one of the leading opponents to the bypass in those days was our current mayor, David Curry.

Apparently it was the downtown business interests who won out, in hopes of financial gain from travelers who might stop on their way through town. Just how many of the tractor trailer drivers that we are widening Main St. for does anyone imagine ever pull over and spend money here? I also cannot believe that if the work were just to repair the sewer system that all this widening would have to take place.

The miserable orange cones lining the street downtown so people won’t stumble over the pathetic little stumps of trees that used to cast a magical glow at night over Canton through the heart of the winter year after year are another reminder that this ill-conceived project will have a deleterious effect on our hometown for generations, far beyond the inconvenience of the two seasons of actual road work.

Nelly Case, Canton