Concession building the result of many volunteers
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 1:20 pm

To the Editor:

On Sept. 11, the Potsdam Booster Club held a Ribbon Cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of our new concession building.

This building would not have been possible if we had not had the support and help of so many volunteers and local businesses.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Ralph Fuller who spearheaded this entire project from start to finish. Ralph volunteered countless hours to this project and we are truly indebted to him for all of his support. Other volunteers who gave their time and their experience to this project include Paul Labrake, Tyler Fuller, Matt Brusso, Al Benda, Jim Kirka, Reggie McDonald, Joe Stark, Pam Hazen, Jeff Prosper, Dave Gravlin and the maintenance staff at Potsdam Central.

We are sincerely thankful to the following local businesses for their donations of time, supplies and workers: Ronnie Kilgore, Kilgore Construction who did the roof, soffit and fascia; Rob Scott, Rogers and Scott Construction who installed the trusses for the roof; John Snell, Snell Block for the entire block work; Jim Sheehan, Sheehan Construction for providing the cement mixer, scaffolding materials, trusses and labor; Bruce Woodruff, Woodruff Block who provided materials at a discount; Steve Warr, Potsdam Electric and his crew for installing the wiring and lighting and Scott Hazen’s crew for providing the installation of the doors, serving windows and ceiling.

We also thank those businesses that gave us generous donations.

We appreciate the support of the PCS board members, students, staff, administration and the superintendent for all their support to the booster club and PCS athletes. We would like to recognize Tom Caruso, the former athletic director and Mark Wilson the current athletic director for all their guidance and help.

Thank you to the MANY community members who assisted by making donations to the Booster Club Concession Building Project! We truly appreciate your support and commitment to our athletes!

If your name is not listed here, please accept our sincere apology. There were numerous volunteers that spent countless hours laying the stone for the foundation of our building.

On behalf of the Potsdam Central Booster Club, we are grateful to everyone who made this building possible for the school community and for our athletes to enjoy for many years.

Jill Adams, Joanne

Bigwarfe, Co-Presidents

and Potsdam Booster

Club Board Members