College Republicans not taken seriously, says Potsdam man
Friday, November 8, 2013 - 7:04 am

Letter to the Editor:

I believe now, more than ever, that bi-partisanship should be something instilled into the children of America. We live in a time when both sides are so entrenched in their own beliefs that it becomes nearly impossible for a compromise to emerge. We have the ability to do this, right now, and it can start with college students.

The college students of today, have been raised in this hostility and know that what is needed is cooperation. But in a time when every American believes it is dearly needed, it has escaped the realms of SUNY Potsdam.

I, an active member in the College Republicans, have been shocked repeatedly by the abuse a Republican takes on this campus. Recently, the College Republicans have done remarkable things to bring the name “SUNY Potsdam” into an area it has never been. Some of these events they have done lately are a recent trip to meet Gov. Jeb Bush and meeting with county legislatures to discuss the future of St. Lawrence County.

And yet, we have been brushed aside. We have constantly reached out to the school newspaper, The Raquette, for publication of articles about all of the events we have represented SUNY at, and each time, we have our requests go unanswered.

There has been times in which our own parent organization “SGA” has turned to us, after being a group on campus for years, and told us we weren’t even a “recognized club anymore.” And lastly, our members who are brave enough to voice their conservative views on campus are instantly met with anger, inappropriate reactions, and utter disrespect.

Though I understand, historically, colleges as well as New York State are considered to lean to the left; it is completely unprofessional and disrespectful frankly unconstitutional to silence this group of students with such obvious and blatant discrimination based on their political party.

I believe, in today’s age of politics, the last thing we need is for partisan discrimination to be going on in a place that should be conducive to ALL its students’ education.

Jack Moulton