Clifton-Fine principal justified in restraining student, Canton man says
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 10:00 am

Letter to the Editor:

In response to "Clifton-Fine Board of Education Right to Terminate Interim Principal," the termination is suspect because, according to the paper, Mr. Buchanan’s use of an emergency physical intervention was deemed to be justified by both the State Police and the St. Lawrence County District Attorney.

Mr. Buchanan has every right to hold a student who is deemed to be at risk of harming someone due to that student’s behavior.

The act of protecting Mr. Buchanan’s own body and the safety of the students under his care should not be a basis of dismissal.

The dismal has the feeling of retaliation for the purpose of humiliation given that, as Ms. Gooder pointed out, his interim position would have come to a natural end at the conclusion of this school year.

 Below is the New York State Department of Education regulation relating to the situation:  

 Emergency Interventions:

8 NYCRR §§200.15(f) and 200.22(d)

Emergency means a situation in which immediate intervention involving the use of reasonable physical force is necessary to protect oneself from physical injury; to protect another pupil or teacher or any person from physical injury; to protect the property of the school, school district or others; or to restrain or remove a pupil whose behavior is interfering with the orderly exercise and performance of school or school district functions, powers and duties, if that pupil has refused to comply with a request to refrain from further disruptive acts.

I think that it is an important for people to stand up to, what appears to be, an unjust act by a representative governmental body.

 Lee Scaggs, Canton