Clarkson president says St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center important for universities, students
Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 12:25 pm

*Editors note: The following letter was sent to Kristin Woodlock, acting commissioner of the Office of Mental Health by Clarkson University President Anthony G. Collins.

Dear Ms. Woodlock:

Clarkson University supports the efforts to keep the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center fully funded and operating to provide a comprehensive range of residential programs including Children, Youth Services, Adult Services and a Sex Offender Treatment Program.

Others will undoubtedly join us in this support for a set of common reasons: the quality of health care in the North Country, including access to psychiatric services close to home; the economic impact of the many jobs at the Center; the century of high-quality service provided by the Center. We endorse all those reasons for continuing the operation of the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center.

And, in addition, we have a number of reasons for continuing the Center that are specific to Clarkson

University as a research and educational institution.

• Our Department of Psychology routinely sends students to do their internships at the Center. Professor Dowman, department head, says "It is an extremely valuable experience for those pursuing careers in clinical psychology."

• Our Physician Assistant program sends students to do clinical rotations at the Center. Professor Whitehead, PA program head, says 'We currently have students doing clinical rotations with the Center, including their off-site outpatient clinics. They have been very supportive of our program to this point and we would truly like them to be an important part of our clinical year going forward."

• We are in the final stages of creating an Occupational Therapy program. The Center will be a natural partner for OT internships and rotations.

• Our MBA students have recently been involved with health care management and efficiency issues in the North Country. Professor Jukic, head of the MBA program, says "If there are.suitable projects for MBA's, it would certainly be something we could get involved in."

So Clarkson University already has deep educational and professional ties with the Center, and we are looking forward to even more ties in the future.

Clarkson University extends its full support to keep the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center fully-funded and operating.


Anthony G. Collins

Clarkson University President