Claims mall violates Disabilities Act without doors for handicapped
Thursday, July 29, 2010 - 10:27 am

To the Editor:

Recently I made a trip to the St. Lawrence Mall with my husband and six-week-old baby. Typically we end up walking the mall for exercise and occasionally my husband will get a haircut at Apollo. As we were walking up to the front doors I asked my husband to push the handicap button that would automatically open the doors so I could push the stroller through. He took a look around and couldn't find one. He ended up opening the first door for me and another woman who saw me coming through opened the other. I thanked her and we went on our way.

After our walk we left the mall and again my husband had to open the doors. While we were getting our son back into the car I noticed a man in a wheelchair headed up to the doors. He, as well, struggled to get the door open. Thankfully he had someone with him to help. Now maybe I'm seeing things, but I'm fairly certain Watertown (Salmon Run Mall) and Syracuse (Carousel Mall) have the blue handicap buttons.

I took it upon myself to see if this was a law and it is. It's called ADA Compliant. Please take a look at the information at or search "ADA Compliant."

I firmly believe the owner of the St. Lawrence Mall needs to make these doors up to standard.


Sarah Shantie