Church officials support gay pride parade
Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 6:23 am

To the Editor:

I read, with some interest Ms. Brownell’s letter “Gay Pride Parade in Potsdam.”

I marched in that parade, after contacting Dr. Youngblood, whose students organized the event, and asking if I could take part, including recruiting other area clergy to take part.

I’m happy to report that we had an active Presbyterian pastor from Ogdensburg, (her husband) a retired Presbyterian pastor from Potsdam, a retired Unitarian Universalist pastor from Canton, an Episcopal priest, and myself. The Ogdensburg Presbyterian congregation showed up with a banner and quite a few members, and the rest of us marched behind them.

Is homosexuality a sin? There are some Bible verses that say so. Of course, there are also Bible verses that say eating lobster or shrimp is a sin (Lev 11:9-12, Deut 14:9-10), and I don’t see anybody picketing the Lobster House in Norwood, for some reason.

Also, no one is protesting local football games or restaurants that serve pork, even though pigs are unclean (Lev 11:7).

I do grant that everybody in that parade was a sinner. Everybody who watched the parade was a sinner. Everybody reading what I’ve written here is a sinner. I thank God that his grace bridges the gap between sin and perfection for us.

I don’t believe that our allowing people to express themselves diminishes us, or where we live. If the LGBT people are as God made them, then who are any of us to judge them for that? If it’s a choice, then what real harm does the choice do to those of us who choose otherwise?

Bravo to the young people of SUNY Potsdam for actively speaking out on behalf of themselves and others, and adding to the conversation. This generation’s activism gives me renewed hope for our future.

Pastor Dennis Lowe

Buck’s Bridge Community Church, Potsdam