Chilelli talks on taxes and campaign
Friday, October 19, 2012 - 4:35 pm

To the Editor:

Over the last 6 months I have visited and spoken to many citizens in the new 118th Assembly District. The issue that has come up more often than not is the lack of jobs. First, I must say we should all be proud of our region, New York State is a beautiful state filled with history, four season recreation and a quality of life that is second to none. However, because of the lack of jobs and opportunities many people are leaving the state for other more tax friendly state’s which offer greater opportunity.

As the father of two teenagers I am very concerned not only for my children’s future but for all those looking for a job. One of the reasons I am running for the State Assembly is because I believe that our region can be so much more than it currently is. My vision for the future and the possibilities of what our area can look like years from now starts with input from our citizens with each Town and Village creating a comprehensive plan for their communities future supported and approved by it’s citizens. We must market and promote our region much better than we have done.

We must bring down taxes in order to compete with other states and stop the drain of our young people leaving the area. My vision for the future has a lot of possibilities but starts with common sense planning and building on our strengths, understanding that sometimes we must adapt and change in order to move forward. It also takes some courage from those in a leadership position to step up and think outside the box.

Our politicians often talk about bringing industry and new business to the area but we must give businesses reasons to want to come here. Politicians don’t create jobs, but can create the conditions and climate for entrepreneurs to come and invest in New York State.

One of the centerpieces of my campaign is to create the economic conditions in order to revitalize our region by working with both republicans and democrats to get the people’s business done. I am not running to be a life-long politician but a representative for all the people, one of the bills I will be pushing for is “Term Limits” so people like my opponent aren’t in office for 18 years.

On Election Day, you have a clear choice between a seasoned politician and myself; a business owner who brings forth new ideas and a hope for the future who’ll represent you with a much loader voice in Albany!

You have a choice between keeping the status quo and the current economic stagnation or moving forward with a progressive common sense agenda that will benefit all. If you believe like I do that our region can do so much better, then I ask for your vote on Election Day.

Please feel free to contact me at 315-866-3474 or visit my webpage at to see my platform for change.

Joseph Chilelli

Candidate For 118th Assembly District