Check math and facts before upcoming vote, says Potsdam man; correction
Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 6:21 am

Editor's note:

This letter contains a factual error. It states that both the town and village of Potsdam were contributing $380,000 to the joint recreation program. In fact $380,000 is the total of their contributions. regrets the error.

To the Editor:

If you as a deeded land-owner are debating whether to vote for or against the installation of a Recreation District in the Town of Potsdam, you should be aware of the following information:

1. You will be supporting the Village of Norwood even though their recreation organization is not included in referendum vote. The town gives Norwood $13,000 per year for their general fund which goes toward recreation. The Norwood Lake Association donates money to the village for recreation purposes.

2. The village of Potsdam was paying, $380,000 along with the town paying $380,000 which is a total of $760,000 per year to support the beach and arena and its support needs. The village of Potsdam is no longer going to share the expense ($380,000) for recreation. If you think .52 - .80 cents per thousand is going to make up the difference you better rethink the math because the Potsdam Town Board has already stated that if the referendum passes they will renovate the facilities. The money that they said will cover the operations as it is won’t cover the cost of the updating that they already know the structures and grounds need. You didn’t see that tidbit in the newspaper.

3. The town board stated that if the money that was taken in was not used it would go into the general fund rather than give it back to the tax payer. Once the taxpayers are taxed there is no returning the money collected to the taxpayer. This is one of the reasons your taxes are so high.

4. Finally, I am not against having an arena, beach or ball fields in Potsdam or any other village or township, I just think that putting the onus on the already over taxed taxpayers is unconscionable.

In my opinion turn it over to a separate entity and let them charge for the use of the facility and pay the town or village taxes.

Newbury E. Meader