Canton zoning changes need less restrictions
Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 7:36 am

To the Editor:

I am speechless to hear that the Town of Canton proposes a law that one has to have three acres to have a production garden, have a CSA or chickens in the outside of town residential zone.

We grow over nine tons of food on 2.5 acres in production, hire four part and full-time workers for the season.

You can do a lot on less than three acres.

I would be more concerned to have large farms in residential neighborhoods, with people coming from far away. This seems more a play of politics than sense.

As far as little Grasse Foodworks farm goes, they farm on poor soil in not great farming conditions, because they are committed to teaching their skills of farming and sustainable living to the people of this area and the students in Canton.

It takes a lot of time to just grow the good food. For their efforts to take the time to teach and to offer workshops to students and the general public they have my highest respects.

If they were forced to leave that place for farming Canton would lose out. It saddens me to see them worn out and hopeless in the game of town politics.

It is planting time now and I hope people can put their hurt egos aside and allow for common sense.

There is no need for a three-acre minimum; a special permit with agreement of next-door neighbors would be enough.

Dulli Tengeler,

Birdsfoot Farm, Canton