Canton Free Library hosts 11th ‘Battle of Books’
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 7:26 am

To the Editor:

The 11th annual Canton Free Library Battle of the Books was a fantastic success thanks to every person who played a part! I’d like to recognize the teams, coaches, families and the valuable volunteers for all they did to make this event special.

We had 10 teams compete in an exciting double-elimination tournament. The following teams participated: The Royal Readers with Kayla Larrabee, Grace Magurk, Hannah Beldock, Ava Ames, and Coaches Paula Jones and Kimberly Newman; The Killer Beez with Olivia Sommerstein, Ellie McDonough, Shoham Zuker, Josh Ayrassian, and Coach David Sommerstein; Bookie Monsters with Claire Waters, Maya Thomas, Griffin Scafidi-McGuire, Natalie Todd, and Coach Heidi Todd; Rapid Readers with Madeline Swinwood, Caleb Hartmann, Vivian Coburn, Daniel Creurer, and Coach Corey Swinwood;

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Readers with Gabrielle Thomas, James Bailey, Nathaniel Romano, Autumn Ames, and Coach Michelle Perry; River Readers with Maura Onyper, Sara Aldous, Rylan Powell, Lucas Watts, Coach Cara Coffin, and Jr. Coach Maddie O’Shea; Purple Page Pandas with Katie Metcalf, Laurel Whittier, Emily Estabrooks, Lucy DeCoteau, and Coach Kristen Whittier; Book Bandits with Collyn Petroccione, Aradia Bigelow, Elias Nelson, and Coach Rebecca Pickens; Fire-breathing Nerd Herd with Shea Tredo, Ethan Francey, Matthew Tupper, Jake Backus, and Coach Doreen Francey; St. Mary’s Angels with Sophia Tartaglia, Alexa Romano, Ava Hoy, and coach Jennifer Palumbo.

We were graciously hosted by the First Presbyterian Church of Canton, brackets were printed by Tom Dildine and, prizes were donated in loving memory of Cindy Cubley by a friend, and lunch was donated by the Friends of the Canton Free Library and Dominos Pizza.

I’d like to give special thanks to staff/volunteers Emily Owen, Ginger Thomas, Marlene Clark, Morgan Hastings, Birdy Nash, Rorie Newman, Zach Woodley-White, Sam McBroom, and Joseph White for their help.

I am so proud of all the children, especially for the good spirit and hard work which they demonstrated in the competition! I’m already looking forward to next year!

Valerie White

Canton Free Library