Canton curbs bad for car tires
Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 7:37 am

To the Editor,I’m a resident of Canton and like most of us, have dealt with the new construction in Canton.

I recently drove in the Nice & Easy store and hit the side of the curb. As i was pumping gas I noticed that I had a large slice taken out of the side of my tire.

I mentioned it to one of the employees and they suggested that I might  call the highway dept. in canton to see if there was anything they could do help pay for a new tire.

They suggested I call the head engineer of the construction job. so I called only for him to say that there was nothing he could do. He also informed me that they were very sharp because they were made from granite. I also asked him if the curbs were going to stay that way.

His reply to me was yes and also informed me to park further away from the curbs from now on. I am not the only one that has encountered this problem. A local business man in Canton said that he has already had several people that also hit those curbs and had ruined their tires. So beware of how you back into one of those parking spots. It cost me $215.00.

To the Head engineer of whom I spoke with, please do something to remedy this problem! None of us can afford new tires every time we happen to get to close to the curbs.

Dixie Weeks, Canton