Button as treasurer will ‘leave woodpile higher’
Wednesday, August 25, 2010 - 12:30 pm

To the Editor:

I once heard David Button express his view of political success using this quote from Paul Harvey: “For me, success is to leave the woodpile a little higher than I found it.” I know I speak for many voters in the Town of Canton who recognize that David’s public record supports both the sincerity of that goal, as well as his ability to achieve it. His specific achievements include three years of declining tax rates for the Town of Canton, the creation of the most generous tax exemption for seniors in St. Lawrence County, and the procurement of more than $2 million of grants money to strengthen the infrastructure of our community. These examples highlight only a few of David Button’s efforts to build up Canton’s “woodpile.”

Most of these accomplishments have occurred amidst a time of economic uncertainty not only for St. Lawrence County, but for our country as well. David Button’s record calls into question a recent letter to the editor branding him an ambitious politician. What one labels political ambition another views as public service; and the distinction between the two lies in whether the office-holder has used his position to increase his own power, influence and wealth at the expense of his constituents, or whether he has used the power and influence conferred by his office to benefit them. Clearly, David Button has done the latter, leaving the woodpile a little higher for us all.

In the race for St. Lawrence County Treasurer, David is the only candidate who has a public record of accomplishment and a clearly articulated vision for bringing the kinds of improvements he has made during his terms as mayor, as town councilman, and as town supervisor of Canton to the people of St. Lawrence County. It is my understanding that the other candidate for the treasurer’s position has done an excellent job during his brief appointment which has been less than the usual two-year probationary period for many county jobs. For someone to say that he is the less qualified candidate for the treasurer’s position in no way devalues the work he has done as deputy. It only questions whether less than two years of government work experience constitutes the experience required for the level of government office he seeks. There is a reason that the position he holds is by appointment, whereas the office both he and David Button seek is elected. I believe the voters of St. Lawrence County understand the difference in expectations of the two positions, which gives me reason to expect that David Button’s election as the next treasurer will bring much more to the office than someone who can accurately account for St. Lawrence County’s $14 million deficit. One candidate will only keep track of the woodpile. The other candidate and my choice, David Button, will not only keep track of the woodpile, but he will leave the woodpile higher than he found it.

Donna Crawford