Button has governing experience, integrity
Tuesday, August 31, 2010 - 10:48 am

To the Editor:

We have an opportunity in St. Lawrence County to elect a treasurer who will make a difference.

David Button would bring to St. Lawrence County the same expertise he has shown as Supervisor in Canton.

His fiscal leadership has helped the Town of Canton come through these difficult economic times without the economic pains that many municipalities have experienced. David has been accountable to the citizens of Canton for many years and has a history of success.

He has proven his leadership in obtaining over $2 million in grants for the Town of Canton, while seeing to the day-to-day activities and concerns of its employees and citizens. As Supervisor, he has the responsibility of budgeting, payroll and benefits, accounting and keeping procedures in place to follow state recommendations.

David has been commended for his fiscal leadership by the state Comptroller’s Office. This is no small feat. David does this without divisiveness among the employees and the Town Board.

When choosing a county treasurer, we must consider their prior activities and involvement in their own community and government entities in paid or unpaid positions. These experiences come into play in making decisions and recommendations on concerns affecting the county.

A county treasurer may not have a vote on the county board, but they definitely have input on decision making. They are more than an accountant for the county.

The county treasurer needs governing experience and David Button has this and more. David is a man of integrity and honesty. Please consider these factors when choosing the next county treasurer and cast your vote for David Button.

Gail and Stephen Teele