Businessman supports Button
Friday, September 10, 2010 - 1:02 pm

To the Editor:

As a small businessman in Northern New York, I want to make sure that our next County Treasurer understands the importance that the business sector will play in our region’s economic recovery and will do everything he can to make small business profitable. We need a friend who will help us create profits, jobs and additional tax revenue for our County. As a businessman himself, David Button knows what it will take to get St. Lawrence County back on track. Combined with his years of experience in local government, that makes him – unquestionably - the best candidate for County Treasurer.

Small business is responsible for creating 75% of all new jobs in America. For years, the focus of our economic development efforts in this County has been to bring another 500-person manufacturing plant to Northern New York. We have missed an opportunity to secure our future through homegrown businesses that consistently employ 10-20 people. Our County government should be doing everything it can to help grow that sector. David Button’s track record in creating jobs for Canton is well known and he would be a tremendous asset to the County’s business community.

Vote David Button on September 14… a friend of small business.

Peter Richardson