‘Buck stops here’ for Potsdam Village Board
Friday, October 8, 2010 - 12:38 pm

To the Editor:

Once in a while, a writer is forced to “eat crow,” and that is now true of me.

In the publication of this paper on Sept. 29, I referred to Mike Weil, Potsdam Village Administrator, as”Al” Weil. “Al” does not exist, but Mike does, and he continues to have my respect unless further and unforeseen events change my mind.

On the other hand, Mike’s superiors on the Village Board of Trustees put a big question mark in my head on the subject of the West Dam project.

How much did they approve of that faulty deal with the Canadian developer, and why did they not catch some of the flaws in it?

Why does no one come forward and tell us what happened and who is at fault?

Those folks on the Board of Trustees are all Democrats, but maybe they have lost track of Harry Truman’s motto of “The Buck Stops Here.”

They, after all, have the ultimate power in village affairs. It would be nice if they paid attention to Harry, came clean, and cleared this mess up in the public’s mind.

We pay taxes to support them, plus the dam, and we deserve some answers!

Dick Hutchinson,