Border patrol overstepping boundaries of the law?
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - 12:18 pm

To the Editor:

In response to “Checkpoints Not an Issue,” (North Country This Week June 20-26) Americans never have to produce their driver’s license to Border Patrol. It’s a document that can only be demanded by police officiers patroling highways and then so only if you’re the operator of the vehicle (Your passengers don’t have to produce a driver’s license under any circumstances).

It’s simply evidence that you’re authorized to be operating your vehicle on public highways. Nothing more, nothing less Although it certainly can be used as an optional form of id for such things as the purchase of alcohol. American citizens never have to submit to an internal document check. As an American citizen, you don’t have to ever provide documentation while in this country that proves you’re an American.

Border Patrol will claim otherwise and pressure you to provide it and quite possibly threaten you, but try pushing back (Politely of course and be respectful at all times) and they will back down. If Americans don’t do such things now, even if it seems like just a minor nuisance now, just imagine the state of affairs a few decades from now.

It’s like the old story about the little Dutch boy that poked a hole in a dike, soon realized it was impossible to stop, and caused a flood. Plug the hole now in the early stages or you’re going to find it all but impossible to do so down the road.

Leo Ames, Massena