Benefit for local woman at Hannwa Falls Fire Hall a huge success
Friday, May 10, 2013 - 10:56 am

To the Editor:

Many thanks to the Hannawa Falls Fire Department, especially to Rose Martin, for the use of the Hounds Haven Fire Hall.

Everyone who contributed in any way to make the benefit for Tina Hogle a success is greatly appreciated. Contributions came in many forms ranging from cash to garage sale items to donations for prizes and lots of willing help.

Many thanks to Kevin Premo, Belinda Martin and her students Montana Phelix, Charlie Perry, Angela Wilson, Allen Barkley, and helpers Amy Krise, Nancy Beaudoin, Deanna Wagstaff, Clifford & Jeanne Green, Megan, Heidi, Scott & Nova Hogle, Karen, Brad, and Dasha LaPoint, Mike Wheaton, Scott, Kelsi, and Kendra Gilbert, Lisa Vallance, Mary Gilbert, Diane Hull Bailey, Leslie Gardner, Tina and Mark Rose, Linda Willmart, Barb Wheaton, Deb Graves and Chuck & Joyce Malletter.

Also to Ed & Nancy Whitcomb, Vernon & Fran, Keith Hogle, Shelli & Lynn Prespare-Weston, Christine Compo-Martin, Angie Knowalchuk, Cindy Delisle, Ruth LePage, Sarah McMartin, Lisa Grenville, Karen Siskavich, Amy Brownell, Michelle Richards, Scott Sharp, Pete Armstrong, Amy Jenne, Paula Weils, Linda Prespare, Trade Green, Penny Avers and Saily Long.

Also to Kevin Lamora, Felicia, Bill, and Alex Bonno, Jim McLean, Jean & Don Diilion, Jean Dawson, Barb Thomas, Becky Green, Ron Kirkpatrick, Marylin Paradis, Julie Martin, Tim & Bob Green, Bill Besio, and Tina’s husband Jeff Hogle himself.

We also thank the dozens of generous businesses who contributed.

Thank you to Carmela Young for sending this out.

I wanted to do this because when I was in need after my accident in 2004, there were many who helped and I never knew who all, and in what way. This was my way to help to give back. To all who came to the sale and/or helped in any way thank you!

Donna Gilbert, Colton