Bellardini doesn’t speak for entire North Country, says Potsdam man
Monday, February 24, 2014 - 6:34 am

Letter to the Editor:

In regard to “Cuomo shows support of North Country Economy,” North Country This Week I do not personally know Mark Bellardini, (St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee Chair) I am sure he is a nice fellow. However I do not appreciate him speaking for me, or I’d be willing to bet…the large segment of New Yorker’s whom his comic book hero Andrew Cuomo a couple of weeks ago denounced with his mean spirited hate speech.

This is in response to Mr. Bellardini’s personal decree “on behalf of the whole NNY region, the St. Lawrence Democratic Committee heartily thanks Governor Cuomo for his support of the Route 98 project,” to include…”his words reverberate loudly through our part of NY with the power and truth underlying his leadership,” and “Governor Cuomo is a leader of great courage and vision.” Mr. Bellardini’s glorification and showering of personal adoration over this divisive tyrant is definitely not shared by “the whole NNY region.”

Personally I am not for, nor, against the “Route 98 project,” however Cuomo’s “midnight hour,” support in light of the upcoming 2104 election can surely be seen for the charade that it is in order to procure votes.

Mr. Bellardini, you may speak for yourself and your group, however I would politely ask you to refrain from speaking for me, I will do that myself!

SMSgt. Dean Laubscher, USAF, (Ret.)