Aubertine went to bat for upstate NY
Monday, October 25, 2010 - 11:51 am

To the editor:

In 2002 Darrel was elected to the assembly. At this point in time Albany became aware of the real upstate New York. We elected Darrel in hopes that we could get something done in Albany. While in the assembly Darrel went to bat for upstate New York many times and it has shown. In 2008 he rain in a special election for the 48th Senate seat which he won in February and again in November. His record of saving the jobs at Ogdensburg correctional facility and working with the Power Authority in keeping not only the power up here but also holding Alcoa to keeping over 1,000 jobs here is victory in job retention itself.

Then Darrel helped in the creation of the North Country Power Authority that in turn will save taxpayers money. Darrel is very outspoken on the 198 connector route between Watertown and Plattsburgh which will lead to more middle class jobs for the upstate area.

Now we see Darrel in yet another election – this time running against Patty Ritchie. Patty will not openly debate Darrel. Could this be because the Republican/Tea Party won’t be able to tell her how to answer the questions? If you read her ads sent to your homes, or on TV you will notice they are from the party affiliates. All this leads me to believe that Patty will be a pawn for downstate, not a voice for upstate. A vote for her will only send us back eight years.

Please get out and vote on November 2. Keep the real upstate New York on the map. He was, is and will be one of us. Re-elect Darrel Aubertine for our future.

David LaClair, Jr.

President, USW Local 450-A