Date Posted Title
November 4, 2011 Rupp has values and experience for the job
November 4, 2011 Don’t hurt TOV taxpayers by voting for dissolution
November 4, 2011 Even Regan’s staff likes the job he’s doing
November 4, 2011 Rupp works hard for all county taxpayers
November 4, 2011 Regan has customer, financial experience
November 3, 2011 Rupp: Let me explain the facts and my accomplishments
November 3, 2011 Rupp will work to keep resources coming in
November 3, 2011 Asks for support for Pierrepont Town Board
November 3, 2011 County sales tax hike an issue of fairness
November 3, 2011 Regan doesn’t play politics as clerk
November 3, 2011 Under Regan, county clerk's department cutting expenses, raising revenues
November 3, 2011 Bertram, Demick, Young will keep Hammond moving forward
November 3, 2011 Forget sympathy vote, Regan is a proven leader
November 3, 2011 Rufa wants to serve Stockholm on town board
November 3, 2011 Russell has worked hard to keep costs down as Stockholm highway superintendent
November 2, 2011 Do away with towns, not villages
November 2, 2011 Now is not the right time to dissolve village
November 2, 2011 County Republican slate highly-qualified
November 2, 2011 Mein talented, has much to offer Pierrepont
November 2, 2011 Rupp has more than just record to stand on
November 2, 2011 Regan will save county money, continue to generate revenue
November 2, 2011 Moses respectful, open minded, compassionate
November 2, 2011 Bertram has a vision for the future of Hammond
November 2, 2011 Friends of the Nature Center in Massena thank supporters
November 1, 2011 Look at Regan’s record, not negative attacks