Date Posted Title
November 2, 2011 Friends of the Nature Center in Massena thank supporters
November 1, 2011 Look at Regan’s record, not negative attacks
November 1, 2011 Dissolution of the village not good for anyone
November 1, 2011 Who will fund services if dissolution happens?
November 1, 2011 Rupp: honesty, integrity, excellent work ethic
November 1, 2011 Regan thanks supporters for a positive campaign
November 1, 2011 Vote Bertram, Demick, Young for Hammond
November 1, 2011 Regan has business and people skills to do the job
November 1, 2011 Ritchie supports Rupp as next county clerk
November 1, 2011 Nelson has earned respect and experience
October 31, 2011 Retired first deputy clerk backs Rupp
October 31, 2011 Regan will continue to bring fresh ideas to job
October 31, 2011 Regan’s decisions have already saved money
October 31, 2011 Former county clerk endorses Rupp
October 31, 2011 Regan hardworking, driven, dependable
October 28, 2011 Save services to needy by raising sales tax
October 28, 2011 Parishville Amvets thank Walk-A-Thon supporters
October 28, 2011 Regan improving office functions, efficiency
October 28, 2011 Powers wants to give Pierrepont voters a voice
October 28, 2011 Hutchinson ready to serve one or four years as mayor
October 28, 2011 County needs Regan's financial skills and ability to curb spending
October 28, 2011 Unjustified headline causes anguish
October 27, 2011 Merritt Young would provide fresh start on Hammond Town Board
October 27, 2011 Improve existing highways, don’t seek ‘rooftop’ highway
October 27, 2011 Humane Society auction marred by senseless theft