Appraisal shows unfair Pierrepont assessments
Thursday, December 30, 2010 - 12:13 pm

To the Editor:

An 83-year-old widow and homeowner schedules an informal tax grievance appointment in the Town of Pierrepont.  She goes alone and questions her assessment of  $97,000.  

Her efforts to reduce the assessment to a realistic level are unsuccessful so she pays the taxes as she has done for 25 plus years.

A few months later, she realizes that she can no longer afford to live in her home and reluctantly puts the property up for sale.  The required appraisal puts the property value at $72,000.  

Assessed at $97,000 and appraised fair market value at $72,000.  A $25,000 difference.

We all have read and heard about predatory lending and the negative results that may occur.  Maybe we should think about predatory assessors and the damage they cause or maybe we should just suck it up and pay like she did.

After all we do live in New York, the Vampire State.

Dennis Mackey