Applauds politicians who defend babies against abortion
Friday, March 4, 2011 - 10:13 am

To the Editor:

I note with interest Mr. Blanchard's remarks about defunding Planned Parenthood (“Restore Planned Parenthood Funding,” posted March 3).

He calls those who want justice for the unborn "Extremists" in the House of Representatives.

Apparently, through all of his alluding to various avenues of injustice, he neglected to mention the recent videotaped events at Planned Parenthood facilities in which pimps were questioning Planned Parenthood about offering abortions to their very young girls who they were trafficking and faced potential pregnancies. They "turned their heads" at the mention that some of those young girls could be l4 years old.

I am not opposed to women receiving health care, mammograms, etc., but there are limits to what I believe they should receive using taxpayer dollars for these services.

Women can and should be more aware of their bodies by their choice not to get pregnant. Deciding not to have a baby after one is pregnant is not exactly like returning a pair of shoes because they do not fit.

You are now dealing with a living human being who has absolutely no opinion on his or her fate in life. The innocent baby has no voice ever, so we have to be their voice. I am amazed that Mr. Blanchard does not have the sensitivity to realize that adults can and should make responsible choices, but unborn babies simply do not have that opportunity.

They cannot say, "Oh, please wait; I have so much potential in my life! Don't kill me, please"! And then the horrible deed is done with unexplainable pain and torture to the little body resting so innocently in its mother's womb. And have we completely lost the thought of placing these "unwanted" babies up for adoption?

At long last there are people in Washington who are trying to defend these babies at long last and I applaud them highly for that.

With a prayer for justice for the unborn.

Elsie G. Scruggs, Massena