Anti-abortionists are standing up for women, Potsdam man says
Friday, March 22, 2013 - 11:50 am

To the Editor:

All we heard leading up to Obama’s re-election was Republicans were waging a war on women because of their stands against abortion and contraception. I submit that pro-lifers are actually trying to protect women and their babies, but are not allowed to offer them an alternative to abortion.

Women are being victimized constantly by men through pornography, care-free sex, birth control and then abortion. Women don’t own their bodies, men do – play things for men to play with then discard when done! But for now I’d like to offer help to women now pregnant with little to no support to have their baby.

In my recent letter, it’s quite clear that a pregnant woman knows a baby is growing in her womb, but all around tell her she must have an abortion. [i] <#_edn1> Some choice! Our mission is to save babies and their mothers. When we’re praying outside of Planned Parenthood, we just want to offer help.

Within the Diocese of Ogdensburg, we have Catholic Charities (CC), ( <> ) and local parishes have the Gabriel Project (GP), [ii] <#_edn2> named after the angel Gabriel who announced to Mary that she was pregnant with Jesus (even she was troubled). [iii] <#_edn3> Both Catholic Charities and the Gabriel Projects walk with you throughout your pregnancy and after, offering love, material aid and emotional/spiritual support. They will network with other agencies for housing, adoption, counseling, medical/pre-natal care and practical assistance.

Unfortunately millions of men and women never hear about this and are persuaded to have a “doctor” abort (kill) their child. This decision will have tragic consequences for them in their futures. My next letter will address this aftermath.

[1] “A teenager in Oregon went to a legal clinic for an abortion. When she tried to leave a waiting room in order to get more information about the procedure, she found that the door to the room was locked from the outside! She never got her questions answered, nor was she told about the risks of abortion. She sued the clinic and won.” <> [ii] <#_ednref2> CC: 393-2255; GP’s: Brasher Falls, 389-5401; Gouverneur, 287-0114; Massena, 769-1200; Potsdam, 265-9520.

[iii] <#_ednref3> Luke 1: 26-31

Chris LaRose, Potsdam