Answers still needed in Potsdam dam affair
Friday, October 1, 2010 - 12:44 pm

To the Editor:

My thanks to all who have talked to me in person and on the phone concerning my letter to the editor of Sept. 21. It is gratifying to find so many residents who share this feeling of frustration and anger over all that pertains to the West Dam in Potsdam. I also hope that folks are not completely smothered by all the flowery words and congratulations from Mrs. Garner and Mayor Tischler concerning the resignation of Village Administrator Mike Weil, just a day or so after  one of their behind closed doors “executive sessions” and several critical reports in the Watertown Times, plus mine.

I have no opinion, pro or con, concerning Mike – he has always been of help to my family. I simply worry about what is happening – regardless of any mistakes that may have been made, is this a case of making Mike the “sacrificial lamb” in the West Dam affair? Should we not reflect upon the fact that he had bosses that were, and are the duly elected Village Trustees who did, and do, hold veto power over the Village Administrator? Is all their fuss over this just more case of “donkey dust” to deflect blame?

We still need answers, and, as promised, I have written to the State Attorney General enclosing a number of recent critical newspaper articles. If you care to do this, the address is readily available, and here it is, complete with phone number.

The NY State Attorney Generals Office

Dulles State Office Building

317 Washington St.

Watertown, NY 13601

Phone: 785-2444

Richard Hutchinson