Annual garage sale fundraiser raises $1,900
Monday, June 24, 2013 - 4:40 pm

To the Editor

On behalf of the North Country Center for Yoga and Health board of directors I would like to thank the many people who helped make our third annual garage sale fundraiser a successful event. The funds raised contribute greatly to covering our costs and making the class experience at the Yoga Loft unique to our community. This year we raised over $1,900. Some of these funds will go toward installing overhead ceiling fans in our current studio. Consider giving yourself a treat this summer and try a class under a cool refreshing breeze.

Special thanks to Judy deGraaf, Meagan Bos and Brian Ladd for the generous use of their garages. We so appreciate your allowing us access to your homes for the week it takes to collect and organize for the sale. Thanks to the volunteers who helped during the week leading up to and the days of the sale: Pat Glover, Linda Smith, Linda Petroccione, Helen Hutchinson, Sue Klein, Michelle Whalen, and Barney Gage. Thanks to everyone who donated quality items, the sale wouldn’t be as successful asit is without your generosity.

Many thanks to Victoria at Best Friends Thrift Store, who greeted us with a smile at the end of a long day to accept items not sold at the sale. And Joe, the kind fellow who was walking by as the truck was being unloaded and helped us out. Congratulations, a thank you, and a bow to Kathy Wyckoff, the winner of the 50/50 raffle. Kathy graciously donated her winnings back to the Yoga Loft.

Finally, thanks to all of the board members. Each and everyone actively participates in making this and other Yoga Loft events fun, efficient, and effective.

Alison Brant, Board President

North Country Center for Yoga and Health