Angy over damaged mail box in Nicholville, Hopkinton
Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - 1:39 pm

To the Editor

To the “so called farmer” with your big machinery in the Nicholville-Hopkinton Area:

How many other mailboxes did you smash down besides mine on May 15,2012. I determined it was some type of farm equipment due to the tire tracks and how far off the road my mailbox is located.

If it had been a passenger vehicle it would have caused serious damage to the vehicle. You not only hit the pole that the mailbox was on and pulled it out of the ground, but you moved a 12 foot wooden post that was at least 12 inches in diameter and sunk 6 feet into the ground.

You must have felt it as you went by since both were leaning at about at 45-degree angle. You could have stopped to see if anyone was home and at least offered to pay for new replacement parts. This is completely ridiculous since now I have had to pull up the pole and straighten the wooden post and find the parts to put the mailbox together.

Additionally I have to drive to the post office daily to mail letters and pick up my mail. You obviously don’t know about common courtesy or how to drive your equipment properly.

Dorothy M. Jandrew