Abortion not comparable to the Holocaust
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 1:36 pm

To The Editor:

First it was a scientifically disproved lie Chris LaRose espoused that women whom receive abortions run a higher risk for breast cancer.

Now, Chris is comparing abortion to the Holocaust, and Planned Parenthood to Hitler, and I am left scratching my head and wondering as to what levels of anti-abortion extremism Chris LaRose will stoop to next in order to espouse anti-abortion extremism. Maybe abortion recipients and providers will next have an Obama ordered Predator drone take them out on their way home from work (see next forthcoming opinion by Chris LaRose).

Abortion is comparable to the Holocaust? And Planned Parenthood to Hitler? Surely this is an indicator of someone whom is not only deeply disturbed but also devoid of argument or facts to back it up.

To use such a sad and solemn occasion as the Holocaust and Holocaust remembrance in order to push an anti-abortion extremist opinion, is shameful, unnecessary, and the absolute height of disgust and irresponsibility.

Too many members our Greatest Generation throughout the North Country and our nation have paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to end Hitler and the Holocaust and to protect our rights here at home (including that of Chris LaRose to spew anti-abortion extremist venom).

This is an unnecessary disgrace to our Greatest Generation, and to our many Jewish friends, whom lost more than 6 million of their tribe during that terrible and difficult war.

And I’m feeling like I don’t even need to point out the obvious…that 97 percent of what Planned Parenthood does has absolutely nothing to do with abortion, or that the author’s very premise supposes that it is a proven fact or even a general consensus that life begins at conception (neither of which happens to be the case).

And I took a lot of heat from a local reverend whom disagreed with my assertion that there even is such a thing as an anti-abortion extremist. I submit and mark Chris LaRose’s Holocaust letter as evidence #1, and rest my case in that matter. I hope this same reverend will now apologize on Chris’s behalf to the Jewish community.

 Shame on you.

 Leland Farnsworth, Massena