Abortion in America a new kind of Holocaust?
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 10:33 am

To the Editor:

April 20 was Nationwide Holocaust Remembrance day.

As we remember such a time as the Holocaust, a season of time when so many innocent lives were taken by a brutal death and a brutal killing simply because they were a “minority” and seen as “unfit” or “unwanted.” This happened because a man named Adolf Hitler decided he didn’t want a certain race, religion and population on our planet. So, he formulated concentration camps that “concentrated” on the brutal killing of, and experimentation on, innocent human beings.

When I think about this Holocaust, it sounds very familiar to me. It sounds just like the Holocaust that Margaret Sanger created and named “Planned Parenthood.” She said that her goal was to exterminate the minority population and in her own words, her reason for this extermination was based on race, whether or not the child would be born completely healthy (if not, she referred to them as “morons”) and based on the fact that women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy center are vulnerable and can be easily taken advantage of.

She said that “the most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it.” Does this sound at all similar to the Holocaust’s strategy, or should I say, tactic? Planned Parenthood today serves as the largest abortion provider in the country. Abortion equals the killing of innocent children. Planned Parenthood also experiments and distributes the parts of the aborted babies to be used for many purposes such as research, the same way innocent people in the concentration camps were painfully and graphically experimented on for research or just because they had the power to do it.

As we think about the horrific time period where Hitler ran these concentration camps known as the Holocaust, let us not forget about our current Holocaust in our country today. It is adding up to 3,400 babies’ lives every single day.

Our Holocaust today is abortion.

As the thought of Hitler’s Holocaust leaves us disturbed and uncomfortable, I have to wonder why have we become so undisturbed and comfortable with the thought of Planned Parenthood and abortion? We need to be uncomfortable and disturbed. We need to be so disturbed that we take action. We need to make it stop. The Holocaust that we silently remember today is not over. It is worse. We are taking the lives of our own children. Speak up, and do something. Vote against Obama, our most virulent abortion president ever.

Chris LaRose, Potsdam