Opinion: 99 Percent Coalition to encourage change
Friday, May 4, 2012 - 1:08 pm

To the Editor:

The North Country 99 Percent Coalition was founded on April 17 at a meeting on the SUNY Potsdam College campus. Sociology professor Heather Sullivan-Catlin led the discourse amongst a group of activists including faculty, students and leaders of community groups.

This was a very exciting meeting. The power of passion for bringing good change was strong there. A broad range of issues were raised, including access to affordable higher education, bringing an end to war, protecting the environment, bringing an end to corporate control of government and making full use of scientific knowledge to protect public health in matters of chemical use and disease risk.

The North Country 99 Percent Coalition offers the residents of our region the opportunity to become actively involved in creating the changes that our nation and the rest of the world desperately need.

This is it. Everyone who cares about the future, everyone who loves the Earth Mother and the children of the Earth Mother needs to join together in this time of major change to move our civilization forward on a beautiful, positive path. We can take control of our lives and move higher.

Donald L. Hassig