13 teams competed in Canton’s Battle of Books
Friday, August 6, 2010 - 2:44 pm

To the Editor:

The 2010 Canton Free Library Battle of the Books was a rousing success thanks to all who played a part! I’d like to recognize the teams, coaches, families and the valuable volunteers for all they did to make this event special.

We had 13 teams compete in an exciting double-elimination tournament. The following teams participated: The Quester’s Revenge: Kiersten Larrabee, Lucy Jenkins, Anna Monroe, and Coach Paula Jones; The Jubilant Nerds: Sebastian Newman, Zachary Barnes, Karl Huber and Coach Marka Newman; Smarty Worm Readers: James Pinckney, Daniel Roberts, Logan Ames, Austin Ames and Coach Lynn Ames; The Book Brothers: Nathan Aldous, Mike Gagliardi, Mark Mahoney, Jesse Cunningham and Coach Beverly Snyder; The Reading Razorbacks: Brandon Lorenc, Noah Goldie, Mary Chisholm, Anna Ladouceur and Coach Susan Lorenc; The Fluorescent Flamingos: Emma Bentley-Hicks, Ellie Schonberg and Coach Joyce Cressey; The Three Musketeers: Brianna Larrabee, Isabelle Clark, Ticia Yerdon and Coach Kelli Newman; The Literary Luminaries: Zach Laddison, Tucker Catanzaro, Marley Davis, Kaitlyn Parcell and Coach Michelle Meyers; The Fighting Fishies: Jackson Cowser, Hunter Dean, Max Monroe, Danny Monroe and Coach Fran Monroe; The Radical Readers: Darren Ricalton, Louden Porter, Matt Gollinger, Trey Hodgden and Coach Jodee Cotey; BANA: Brittany Wilcox, Angus Johnson, Alex DeJoy, Nick Martinez and Coaches Sally Hoose and Dan Stromgren; The Reading Rockets: Maggie Smith, Chloe Passamonte, Janet Beaudin, Tianna Whitmarsh and Coach Robin McNamara; and the Green Peas: Laura Wells, Liza Collins, Emma Crowell, Kiona Clary and Coach Kate Wells.

We were graciously hosted by the First Presbyterian Church of Canton, prizes were donated by the St. Lawrence University Bookstore and lunch was donated by Pizza Hut.

I’d like to give special thanks to volunteers Marlene Clark, Nancy Palmateer, Krista Briggs, Emily Owen, Kelly Wilson, Tiffany Zook, Julie Firman-Baily, Judy DeSantis and Joseph White for their help.

Valerie White

Canton Free Library