West Potsdam First Responders announce memory tree names
Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 10:58 am

The West Potsdam 1st Responders held their Annual Memory Tree Lighting Ceremony. At the intersection of Cr 34 and CR 35 a small spruce tree stands, donated by Ardis Barnes, on the property of David Sanford.

This year, with the cooperation of the weather, more than 45 members of the West Potsdam community and surrounding area, gathered at 6 p.m. to hear Scott Niles, Captain of the 1st Responders, dedicate the tree in memory of past firefighters, friends and family who will not be with them this holiday season.

After the dedication, David Sanford had the honor of lighting the tree decorated earlier in the week.

Dick and Sharon Bastille then led the group in a Christmas Carol, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and the group was then invited to the Fire Station for a reading of the sponsors and those who they wished to remember.

Capt. Niles read the 22 sponsors’ names and the names of the 101 friends and family to be remembered.

After the reading, supper was provided for all who attended.

Below are the sponsors and those remembered:

The Bonno Family in memory of Paul, Leonard, Georaye, Lottie, and Earl Bonno; Howard and Helen Butterfield; and Lillian Narrow

Mary Akley in memory of LeRoy, Elbert and Sarah Akley, Stacy Dominy; Charles and Alice Desmond, Robert and Ella Desmond, John and Ella Desmond; and Lora Hill

Tim McEwen in memory of Mae and Homer McEwen

Jane and Tom Plastino in memory of Paul Haggerty; Pearl Gilson; and Cecil Matthie

Bill and Betty Grant in memory of Elizabeth Cutler; Marguerite Grant; Barbara Emerson; Mary Ann Miller; Harold Wilson and Amy and Guy Blanchard

Fay and Cindy Sheldon in memory of William Barnes; Guy and Amy Blanchard; Bruce Martin; Bill and Lucy Bates

Deborah Hart in memory of Elmer and Patricia Lohr; Betty Cleaver

Ardis Barnes in memory of Burnice and Raymond Barnes; Madion and Edwin Richardson; Lyle and Freida Richardson; Otis and Adelaine Richardson; Gerald and Helen Richardson; Earl Richardson; Betty Blanchard; Bessie and Earl Blanchard; Ruth and Charles Penrose; Jean and Mart Martin; Bruce Martin; Helen and Howard Dygert; Mary Ann Miller; and Kenneth and Hilda Armstrong

Scott and Cindy Niles in memory of Roy and Florence Brabaw; Micheal Sharlow; Jack and Carol Hall; Glen Niles; Doris Hayward; Josh Ayrassian; and Althea Perry

Linda Gering in memory of Dave Roy

Beverly Brownell donation for a timely response

Ardie Richardson in memory of Helen and Gerald Richardson; Dewey Pierce; Marge and Ben Pierce; Dot and Herb Pooley

Jerry Dibble, Jr. in memory of Leo Daniels and Jerry Dibble, Sr.

Sandie Barner in memory of Grace Downs and Thomas Allerton

“Duffer” Green in memory of Francis and Dorothy Green

Cindy Sullivan in memory of Vivian, Jim and William Hayes; Margaret LaBarge, Loretta, Richard and Nancy Sullivan; David Sullivan

Ron and Rosemary Forbes in memory of Charles Forbes and Bernard Weaver

Sue and Larry Sheridan in memory of Wava and Charlie Darling