SUNY Potsdam names many St. Lawrence County residents to its president's list
Friday, January 24, 2014 - 7:26 am

POTSDAM – SUNY Potsdam recently named many North Country students to the president's list for the fall 2013 semester. Local students included: Matthew Abernathy of Potsdam, Juliana Alfano of Massena, AshleyAlguire of Gouverneur, Bonnie Anderson of Winthrop, Gabriel Anderson of Potsdam, Kayla Anderson of Ogdensburg, Nicholas Avery of South Colton, Timothy Backus of Canton, Hira Bakshi of Canton, William Barr of Ogdensburg, Jacob Beaulieu of Norwood, Roseanna Boswell of Norwood, Tayler Bowden of Gouverneur, and Olivia Brockway of Massena.

Other area students included Sara Cantwell of Massena, Joseph Carlisle of Nicholville, Katherine Catimon of Norwood, Patrick Cerio of Canton, Lindy Chapman of Massena, Kelsey Charleson of Potsdam, Monique Christensen of Potsdam, Joshua Claus of Canton, Nicole Cline of Potsdam, Britanny Coffey of Canton, Jessielee Cole of Massena, Daenna Conger of Massena, Emily Cunningham of Ogdensburg, Chelsea Cutway of Edwards, and Colby Cyrus of Winthrop.

Other students awarded were Lisa Dashnaw of Potsdam, Stefanie Davis of Massena, Katherine Dawley of Lisbon, Jessica Decker of Potsdam, Kristine Demeter of Canton, Emily Dickinson of Harrisville, Timothy Dudley of Potsdam, Darby Eldridge of Winthrop, Kurtis Ellison of Canton, Chelsea Erdman of Gouverneur, Kaitlin Flack of Lisbon, Jesse Fobare of Potsdam, Mikaela Foster of Potsdam, Allison Fountain of Massena, Megan Frary of North Lawrence, Adelle Fregoe of Massena, Chelsea Furbish of Brasher Falls, and Megan Furgison of Ogdensburg.

Other residents included: Anthony Grasso of Colton, Abigail Hansen of Potsdam, Alexander Hartigan of Massena, Nathaniel Hebert of Potsdam, Jessica Helfter of Potsdam, Alisa Hitchman of Star Lake, Allison Holliday of Massena, Abigail Honsky of Gouverneur, Rebecca Hyatt of Potsdam, Leesa Isereau of Gouverneur, John Jadlos of Potsdam, Kevin Jefferson of Winthrop, Gerard Jemison of Nicholville, Elizabeth Jent of Canton, Michael Jent of Canton, Allison Johnson of Waddington, Lindsay Johnson of Star Lake, Meredith Johnson of South Colton, Kayla Kesner of Brasher Falls and Sierra Knight of Lisbon.

Other residents awarded were Travis Labar of Potsdam, Emily Lachut of Oswegatchie, Jonathan Lalonde of Ogdensburg, Patrick Lavin of Canton, Nicholas Leonard of Gouverneur, Stephen Lewis of West Stockholm, Brandon Linhard of Potsdam, Casey Littlejohn of Massena, Britney Livingston of Lisbon, Nicholas Marasco of Gouverneur, Margaret Maroney of Potsdam, Angela Matthews of Hammond, Samantha Matthews of Hammond, Nicholas McBride of Potsdam, Matthew McCabe of Potsdam, Katja McCall of Massena, Amber McLaughlin of Massena, Ryan McNeil of Canton, Jeri Miller of Harrisville, Elizabeth Miraglia of Hannawa Falls, Dillon Morehouse of Ogdensburg, Brandy Mulvaney of Gouverneur, and Gina Norrell of Potsdam.

Other residents included Philip Paige of Madrid, Elizabeth Parkes of Potsdam, Kathleen Pearson of Canton, Sherri Peck of Gouverneur, Nicole Potter of Ogdensburg, Hunter Quant of Norwood, Ryan Reed of Canton, Jordan Refici of Ogdensburg, Zachary Refici of Ogdensburg, Marissa Reiter of Winthrop, John Rogers of Potsdam, Nicole Roth of Massena, Chelsea Rourke of Massena, Ashley Ruprecht of Gouverneur, Brigette Sanderson of Canton, Jessica Sargent of Ogdensburg, Elizabeth Schneller of DePeyster, Elizabeth Scott of Norwood, Grant Sharlow of Potsdam, Samantha Sheats of Potsdam, John Shirley of Massena, Amy Smith of Potsdam, Elizabeth Smith of Potsdam, and Stephen Smith of Massena.

Other students included Elizabeth Sokol of Potsdam, Sam Sprague of Norfolk, Rachael Stannard of Gouverneur, Daniel Swart of Potsdam, Rebecca Taylor of Gouverneur, Anand Thakur of Potsdam, Ashley Thayer of Winthrop, Alison Thompson of Edwards, Caitlin Thurman of Heuvelton, Alexis Tischler of Potsdam, Britney Trombly of Norwood, Marissa Truax of Massena, Brady Turner of Potsdam, Mollie Vallance of Potsdam, Sarah Van Vleet of Gouverneur, Michelle Varney of Canton, Emberstar Wakefield of Potsdam, Julia Watson of Canton, Katherine Watson of Canton, Hilary Weissbard of Canton, Courtney Weldon of Potsdam, Luke Weldon of Potsdam, Cecily Westall of Hannawa Falls, Erica Whinnery of Canton, Courtney White of Hermon, Rachael White of Ogdensburg, Rebecca Widener of Canton, Scott Williams of Ogdensburg, Tinamarie Wing of Ogdensburg, Ashley Woodward of Norwood, Thomas Yurgartis of Potsdam, and Kaleigh Zappia of Massena.