SUNY Canton names over 100 St. Lawrence County residents to its dean's list
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 7:03 am

CANTON -- Many area students were recently named to the dean's list for outstanding academic achievement during the fall 2013 semester at SUNY Canton. Dean's list requires full-time students to achieve a grade point average of at least 3.25 on a 4.0 scale. Among the local students to receive honors were:

Kali M. Crisler from Brasher Falls. John R. Keenan from Brasher Falls. Tyler V. Savage from Brasher Falls. Edward W. Ashley from Canton. Adam M. Benedict from Canton. Nash W. Bessette from Canton. Edward V. Bortnick from Canton. Mary V. Bregg from Canton. Connor Caldwell from Canton. Sarah Carver from Canton. Paige E. Chase from Canton. Colleen E. Conklin from Canton. Ashley A. Cotter from Canton. Vincent M. Dominy from Canton. Alexsandra L. Downs from Canton. Adam B. Felt from Canton. Cristina Fenner from Canton. Taylor M. Frank from Canton. Mariah Kaiser from Canton. John Lafferty from Canton. Megan Lalone from Canton. Joshua A. Lora from Canton. Melanie J. Manning from Canton. Eneleida Mazzotta from Canton. Diana R. Norman from Canton. Zhusupbek Nurdin Uulu from Canton. Ebony O'Brien from Canton. Shannon L. Perham from Canton. Jonathan Pinckney from Canton. Austin R. Proper from Canton. Brooke E. Rood from Canton. Alexander H. Selim from Canton. Christina L. Smith from Canton. Amelia M. Straight from Canton. Bridget TeRiele from Canton. Jacob Woods from Canton.

Other residents included: Shawna B. Bender from Chase Mills. Ashley M. French from Chase Mills. Hannah C. Guyette from Chase Mills. Jessica A. Tiernan from Chase Mills. Taylor E. Bonno from Colton. Alex J. Bonno from Colton. Derek Jordan from Colton. Jordan McCarthy from Colton. Whitney Miller from Colton. Hope M. Cameron from DeKalb. Logan W. from DeKalb. Alyssa Bacon from DeKalb. Regina DeLorme from DeKalb, NY. Meghan Hance from DeKalb. Brianna D. Durham from Edwards. Alexander McDonald from Edwards. Shane L. Sawyer from Edwards. Nathan J. Aldrich from Fine. Toni M. Stull from Fine. Corliss K. Carr from Gouverneur. Sean P. Dewhirst from Gouverneur. Bridgette Drake a SUNY Canton Business Administration major from Gouverneur. Mark A. Elliott from Gouverneur. Kaitlin French from Gouverneur. Stephen Hadfield from Gouverneur. Jeffrey C. Hall from Gouverneur. Shayna L. Hotrum from Gouverneur. Lincoln Hull from Gouverneur. Jason Matice from Gouverneur. Matthew R. Miller from Gouverneur. Jessica K. Monhollen from Gouverneur. Brian E. Nowak from Gouverneur. Shaunah B. Prashaw from Gouverneur. Paula Simmons from Gouverneur. Michael S. Tribble from Gouverneur. Melissa M. Tuttle from Gouverneur. Howard Walrath from Gouverneur. Richard P. Welch from Gouverneur. Valerie S. Bailey from Hailesboro. Jordan Doughty from Hammond. Harold J. Richard from Hammond. Misty D. Stowell from Hammond. Macy G. Wilson from Hammond. Joseph Butts from Harrisville. Laurie Doolen from Harrisville. Isaac W. Beckstead from Helena. Brandie Colton from Hermon. Mariah Harris from Hermon. Brianna Sayer from Hermon. Macy M. Sokolowski from Hermon. Jamie L. White from Hermon. Christina Bell from Heuvelton.

Other students included: Lisa A. Lawton from Heuvelton. Kara Leonard from Heuvelton. Judith M. Ball from Lisbon. Sarah R. Ludlam from Lisbon. Lindsay C. Lynch from Lisbon. Julia A. Wilkinson from Lisbon. Zachary Woodley-White from Lisbon. Jena E. Cryderman from Madrid. Megan E. Finnegan from Madrid. Natasha Flanagan from Madrid. Kristy Forbes from Madrid. Desiree J. Perrault-Colon from Madrid. Brandon P. Perrine from Madrid. Daniel R. Sladewski from Madrid. Dale Vallance Jr. from Madrid. Stephen Weston from Madrid. Dawn M. Arias from Massena. Kallie Barnes from Massena. Avery Barney from Massena. Jenifer L. Blair from Massena. Joshua Blanchard from Massena. Madison G. Carter from Massena. Brad S. Charleson from Massena. Michael W. Donalis from Massena. Amanda M. Gardner from Massena. Graham W. Gustafson from Massena. Melissa Junko from Massena. Kevin J. Lavean from Massena. William N. Lint from Massena. Ethan Locey from Massena. Kimberly J. Love from Massena. Ariel Lussier from Massena. Danielle V. Mason from Massena. Dustin McDowell from Massena. Michael L. Neal from Massena. Sherry L. Obrien from Massena. Jessica L. Ojida from Massena. Andrey Oloan from Massena. Megan E. Poupore from Massena. Trina J. Premo from Massena. Chad M. Quicke from Massena. Cesar A. Ramirez Sanchez from Massena. Kaipo D. Rogers from Massena. Stephanie St. Denis from Massena. Eric R. Tulip from Massena. Michael J. VanKennen from Massena. Maria A. Williams from Massena. Mackenzie Young from Massena. Victoria A. Berg from Morristown. Tori L. Peck from Morristown. Christopher Perretta from Morristown. Michael R. from Newton Falls. Racheal A. Duquette from Nicholville. Joshua F. Fleury from Norfolk. Joseph E. Gang from Norfolk. Tyler Murray from Norfolk. Alyssa D. Paro from Norfolk. Cassandra Clark from North Lawrence. Ryan J. Cole from North Lawrence. Deanna K. Tassie from North Lawrence. Shawn J. Hartigan from Norwood. Bailey Stickney from Norwood.

Other students included: Andrew P. Baxter from Ogdensburg. Deanna Benson from Ogdensburg. Tammy J. Bush from Ogdensburg. Alaina M. Davis from Ogdensburg. Gregory R. Denner from Ogdensburg. Samantha Ellard from Ogdensburg. Brianne L. Farrell from Ogdensburg. Charles E. Foster from Ogdensburg. Megan Grady from Ogdensburg. Kavya Grewal from Ogdensburg. Lindsey G. Hayes from Ogdensburg. Laura M. Irvine from Ogdensburg. Robert S. Kimble from Ogdensburg. Tyler Knowlton from Ogdensburg. Sarah A. McLaughlin from Ogdensburg. Christopher W. Measheaw from Ogdensburg. Rebecca Mills from Ogdensburg. Nicholas A. Nugent from Ogdensburg. Seth Pickman from Ogdensburg. Robert F. Poirier from Ogdensburg. Matthew P. Rafferty from Ogdensburg. Skylar Reynolds from Ogdensburg. Alexander D. Royce from Ogdensburg. Megan D. Royce from Ogdensburg. Donna J. Royce from Ogdensburg. Angel M. Sharlow from Ogdensburg. John H. Shaver from Ogdensburg. Nicole E. Smith from Ogdensburg. Alina M. Thompson from Ogdensburg. Gabrielle E. Walker from Ogdensburg. Erik M. Whitcombe from Ogdensburg. Heather L. Worden from Ogdensburg. Brady E. Hayden from Oswegatchie. Ronna L. Terry from Oswegatchie. Robin L. Palm from Parishville. Charlotte A. Phippen from Parishville. Zachary A. Votra from Parishville.

Other students included: Alicia Andrus from Potsdam. Ryan G. Bercume from Potsdam. Jillian Bisonette from Potsdam. Allisen D. Blevins from Potsdam. Isabelle B. Broughton from Potsdam. Melissa A. Burcume from Potsdam. Gregory M. Burkum from Potsdam. Megan Charleston from Potsdam. Michael A. Collins from Potsdam. Stephen Davis from Potsdam. Aaron J. Deon from Potsdam. Garrett DiTullio from Potsdam. Laura E. Douglass from Potsdam. Megan Evans from Potsdam. Patricia Flores from Potsdam. Gregory Foster from Potsdam. Tyler Gallagher from Potsdam. Sean L. Giffin from Potsdam. Thomas C. Hamberger from Potsdam. Eleanor R. Hawley from Potsdam. Veronica L. James from Potsdam. Alexander Jandreau from Potsdam. Bethany A. Lenox from Potsdam. Mark Maroney from Potsdam. Kaitlyn A. Murphy from Potsdam, NY. Brittany A. Patenaude from Potsdam. Samantha Pecotte from Potsdam. Carrie A. Penepent from Potsdam. Keeley Rice from Potsdam. Jamie M. Varney from Potsdam. Erik Zengen from Potsdam. Sabrina Cook from Rensselaer Falls. Elizabeth Davis from Richville. Dawn Schreiner from Richville. Todd M. Stone from Richville. Laurie Thompson from Rooseveltown. Jesse Bullock from Russell. Kamrie M. Dandrow from Russell. Gerald Fitzgerald from Russell. Jake C. Crosley from South Colton. Emily M. Hargrave from Waddington. Steven K. Summers from Waddington. Kyle R. Whalen from Waddington. Andrea Wyman from Waddington. Anthony W. Reed from Wanakena. Jordan Eggleston from Winthrop. Selwyn S. Jamurath from Winthrop. Brittney Munson from Winthrop. Amanda L. Newtown from Winthrop. Luke A. Thompson from Winthrop. Rochelle A. White from Winthrop.