SUNY Canton names over 100 North Country residents to its president's list for the fall semester
Monday, January 27, 2014 - 10:05 am

Area students were recently named to the president's list for outstanding academic achievement during the fall 2013 semester at SUNY Canton. To receive president's list honors, full-time students must earn a semester grade point average of 3.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Local students included: Mary P. Ashley from Canton. Rebecca Backus from Canton. Sean Barkley from Canton. Joshua D. Burnham from Canton. Ryan Cardiff from Canton. Natalie Carranza from Canton. Adam D. Commella from Canton. Alexander C. Dean from Canton. Casey C. Dent from Canton. Amanda K. from Canton. Gabrielle M. Field from Canton. Marya L. Furnia from Canton, NY. Meghan P. Gibson from Canton. Tressa Goolden from Canton. Thomas M. from Canton. Justin M. Janack from Canton. Ryan M. Kocher from Canton. Andrew S. Mazzotta from Canton. Jesse J. Merkley from Canton. Frances I. Simpkins from Canton. Jenny Spencer from Canton. Anna Stechyshyn from Canton. Paul E. Todd from Canton. Andrew Todd from Canton. Elizabeth T. Watkins from Canton. Kolby J. Weaver from Canton. Samuel C. Wilson from Canton.

Other students included: Rheannon Harvey from Chase Mills. Morgan L. Johnston from Chase Mills. Abe Baxter from Colton. Victoria L. Loop from Colton. Julie Vaisey from Colton. John C. Johnson from DeKalb. Alisha L. Lalonde from Depeyster. Kristopher M. Newtown from Depeyster. Sarah A. Newtown from Depeyster. Danielle M. Noyes from DeKalb. Cynthia A. Cutway from Edwards. Justin T. Austin from Gouverneur. Michael Crowner from Gouverneur. Allison B. Elliott from Gouverneur. Merissa A. Erdman from Gouverneur. Karah J. Hartle from Gouverneur. Morgan M. Hartle from Gouverneur. Joseph Pritty from Gouverneur. Damieka T. Redden from Gouverneur. Rachel Reed from Gouverneur. Chandler B. Roberts from Gouverneur. Amy J. Skeldon from Gouverneur. Emily A. Spink major from Gouverneur. Teofilo R. Yerdon from Gouverneur. Christopher W. Trimm major from Hannawa Falls. Hunter A. Fowler from Harrisville. Brittany R. Moore from Harrisville. Steven P. from Harrisville. Hannah Weaver from Harrisville. Francis L. Anson from Hermon. Leanna L. Irwin from Hermon. Michael P. La Flamme from Hermon. Tyler Tresidder from Hermon. Amber from Heuvelton. Joshua A. Lamere from Heuvelton. Elizabeth S. from Heuvelton. James K. Smith from Heuvelton.

Other students included: Elias A. Parker from Lisbon. Paul M. Payne from Lisbon. David M. Tomford from Lisbon. Jillian R. Ward from Lisbon. Colby J. Young from Lisbon. Heather Claffey from Madrid. Danielle Durant from Madrid. Elizabeth McLean from Madrid. Brandi L. O'Shea from Madrid. Allison Campbell from Massena. Kathryn R. Cowell from Massena. Dane W. from Massena. Beth A. Farley from Massena. Vanessa J. Flynn from Massena. Jacqueline Haggett from Massena. William R. Hamilton from Massena. Brittany P. Horton from Massena. Tanya M. Krise from Massena. Kristen A. Lafrance from Massena. Marcus R. Laramay from Massena. Travis W. Lindsey from Massena. Patrick M. Obrien from Massena. Audrey L. Plourde from Massena. Victoria Smith from Massena. Danielle N. St. Denis from Massena. Rachel R. Ward from Massena. Ryan T. Young from Massena. Kyle Hollister from Morristown. Erich VonSchiller from Newton Falls. Emily Claffey from Norfolk. Arthur Doran from Norfolk. Mon Hadzovic from Norfolk. Michele Sipos from Norfolk. Wes A. Lincoln from North Lawrence. Kyle McLaughlin from North Lawrence. Nicholas C. Belile from Norwood. Anthony Boprey from Norwood. Jaime D. Brothers from Norwood. Shannon Colbert from Norwood. Joshua W. Cook from Norwood. Lydia C. Dale from Norwood. Aaron Loveless from Norwood. Amber Margittay from Norwood. Louis C. Nelson from Norwood. Kristie L. Perretta from Norwood. Thomas J. Plumb from Norwood. Elaine Z. Sarem from Norwood. Patrick D. Sassone from Norwood. Megan A. Stevenson from Norwood. Jennie C. Vieths from Norwood. Sarah A. Woodward from Norwood.

Christopher A. Abar from Ogdensburg. Jennifer L. Barr from Ogdensburg. Stacy B. Barr from Ogdensburg. Gregory Beebe from Ogdensburg. Emily E. Bush from Ogdensburg. Andrew A. Couperus from Ogdensburg. Jacqueline M. Davison from Ogdensburg. Emily A. Dishaw from Ogdensburg. Christopher A. Dwyer from Ogdensburg. Kelly J. Farrand from Ogdensburg. Holly Grant from Ogdensburg. Joel A. Hargrave from Ogdensburg. Cynthia A. Hasty from Ogdensburg. Spencer L. Hockey from Ogdensburg. Thomas G. Jacobs II from Ogdensburg. Ashley E. Lalonde from Ogdensburg. Katelyn R. Larock from Ogdensburg. Shawn E. Mackey from Ogdensburg. Brooke A. Massia from Ogdensburg. Angela Nichols from Ogdensburg. Heather Nichols from Ogdensburg. Adam J. Pirie from Ogdensburg. April Poole from Ogdensburg. Luke Sanders from Ogdensburg. Emily Switzer from Ogdensburg. Andrew S. Gearsbeck from Oswegatchie. Nathan B. Wray from Parishville. Joshua J. Trudeau from Piercefield. Joseph Bartenstein from Potsdam. Gema M. Bicknell from Potsdam. Nick Burnett from Potsdam. Toni A. Campbell from Potsdam. Courtney L. Carey from Potsdam. Briana J. Charleston from Potsdam. Jessica M. Charleston from Potsdam. John W. Conger from Potsdam. Trenton K. Daniels from Potsdam. Jessica Deleel from Potsdam. Jessica L. Franklin from Potsdam. Kyle Frederick from Potsdam. Richard D. Frederick from Potsdam. Jennifer L. Getz from Potsdam. Joseph Goliber from Potsdam. Matthew H. Grant from Potsdam. Molly K. MacNeill from Potsdam. Brandon McCormick from Potsdam. Amber K. McNeill from Potsdam. Molly Mesibov from Potsdam. Daniel J. Morgan from Potsdam. Aaron M. Moschell from Potsdam. Apexa Patel from Potsdam. Clinton M. Perrigo from Potsdam. Garrett R. Richards from Potsdam. Jessica Richards from Potsdam. Jessica L. Rose from Potsdam. Saleem Saad from Potsdam. Joshua W. Sherman from Potsdam. Olivia K. Stitzer from Potsdam. Sarah A. Stone from Potsdam. Maneli Taheri from Potsdam. Alissa E. Tischler from Potsdam. Brendan Tischler from Potsdam. Aaron M. Towne from Potsdam.

Other students included: Tyler Freiman from Raymondville. Kyle R. Clark from Rensselaer Falls. Jeffrey Hammond from Rensselaer Falls. Wendy M. Baker from Richville. Pamela L. Latimer from Richville. Derek C. Backus from Russell. Amanda J. Boots from Russell. Shiela M. Covey from Russell. Angela E. Johnson from Russell. Joshua R. Whitmarsh from Russell. Nancy A. Ziemba from Russell. Kristen A. Meek Star Lake. Kody Sharlow from Waddington. Trevor J. Emmett from Winthrop. Lydia T. Hagelund from Winthrop. Daniel J. Moulton from Winthrop. Lisa M. Raymond from Winthrop.