Successful, effective, Button deserves vote
Monday, August 23, 2010 - 1:04 pm

To the Editor:

At times it’s difficult to get excited about electing county officers. However, looking far and wide at the financial fairyland in governments we read about these days, I can definitely get enthused at the prospect of David Button as our St. Lawrence County Treasurer. Dave has been successful and effective in a wide range of management positions in the years I’ve known him, accomplished with a minimum of divisiveness, if any. That in itself deserves a salute in light of today’s national dialogue.

Financial managers, especially as treasurers, have to much more than add, subtract, multiply and divide. Here in St. Lawrence County we need and expect people with not just those talents, bit with sound minds and a high level of integrity above all. Feed these attributes into the voting machines on both the primary and general election days this fall. Under “St. Lawrence County Treasurer” pull down the lever for “David Button” and you’ll know you’ve made the best choice for all of us.

June C. Duryea