St. Lawrence County residents honored with Margaret R. Spies Award
Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 8:44 am

Pictured with Ann Spies are award recipients Larita Flanagan, Maplewood Campus; Angel Sharlow, RiverLedge Campus; and Gloria Bezio, Mosaic.

OGDENSBURG -- The Society of the United Helpers recently awarded the Margaret R. Spies Awards to Angel M. Sharlow, RiverLedge; Larita K. Flanagan, Maplewood; and Gloria A. Bezio, Mosaic.

The Spies Awards recognizes exceptional members of the United Helpers direct care team. Certified nurse aides, community resident aides, home health aides and personal care attendants are among those considered for recognition.

In December of 2000 Ann Spies created an endowment for the Society of the United Helpers in memory of her mother, Margaret R. Spies, former resident of RiverLedge Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center and longtime Hammond schoolteacher.

Spies appreciated hard work and the ability to give from the heart. Each year, one person is selected to receive the award from the RiverLedge Health Care and Rehabilitation Center, Maplewood Health Care and Rehabilitation and Mosaic.

Candidates are evaluated on flexibility, attendance, willingness and ability to teach and mentor others, attitude and a host of other qualities.

To earn the Margret R. Spies award candidates are nominated by their administrative team and peers.

Sharlow, a certified nurse aide for the RiverLedge Campus, is noted for her upbeat personality, her positive attitude and always having a smile on her face. She received 60-plus comments from her peers for the award and is cited for her willingness to lighten a coworkers’ load, being a team player, educating staff members and her helpfulness in the therapy department.

Sharlow has been with the United Helpers organization since 2009.

Flanagan, a certified nurse aide for the Maplewood Campus, is recognized for her excellent quality of care, for being a dependable leader, her devotion and her willingness to always help out. Her peers said Flanagan takes new employees under her wing and will work extra shifts if needed. Her peers also noted that she celebrates every residents’ birthday and can always be counted on.

Flanagan has worked for the United Helpers organization since 1979.

Bezio, a habilitation coordinator for Mosaic, is noted for her devotion, hard work and team spirit. She was strongly recommended by her peers, who said she makes a big difference with residents and staff. Her peers also noted that she an abundance of patience.

Bezio has worked for the United Helpers Organization since 1974.

“You are heroes,” said Ann Spies. “The work you do each day is so very important to your residents and their families. I cannot express that enough. My mother was a special lady. In addition to being an exceptional wife and mother, she was a dedicated teacher and very passionate about her community. She appreciated hard work and the ability to give from the heart. I present these awards in honor of my mother and I honor you all for the work that you do.”